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Body Repairs

Auto Body Repairs at Braman Collision Center in Miami, FL

Does your vehicle have unsightly auto body damage in need of repair? If so, we invite you only to accept the best auto body repairs from our certified collision center. We operate a certified collision center specializing in auto body repairs for luxury and exotic vehicles, such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, BMW, Cadillac, and more. We invest in the finest collision center resources, including state-of-the-art equipment, certified technicians, and genuine OEM parts. Continue reading about popular auto body repairs and contact us for a complimentary auto body repair estimate at Braman Collision Center in Miami, FL.

Collision Repair Services

Dent Repair

Auto body dents look bad and decrease resale value. Whether you have a minor dent with intact paint, hail-related dents, or a significant dent with severe auto body and paint damages, we can use paintless dent removal or traditional dent repair service, including painting, to restore the pre-damaged contour and appearance.

Fenders are often damaged in collisions, and we provide fender repairs as needed to restore the pre-accident appearance. Fender repairs begin with an estimate to detail the damage and cost.

Bumpers are designed and uniquely positioned to absorb collision forces, explaining why bumper repairs are often needed after accidents. Bumpers and repairs vary according to the type and level of damage. While most newer luxury vehicles have state-of-the-art driving assistance systems embedded within bumpers, older models have more simple bumpers with less complex repairs necessary. Regardless of your vehicle’s bumper type and damage, you can always trust us to restore the pre-accident appearance and functionality.

Miami Body Repair Estimate

Weather Damage Repair and Insurance Claims

Dents are often caused by weather-related events, such as hail, wind-blown tree limbs, or other insurance ‘Acts of God.” We have extensive experience processing insurance claims featuring weather-related auto body damage. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your vehicle’s weather-related damage that has an insurance claim.

Braman Collision Center Body Repairs

Get an Auto Body Repair Estimate at Braman Collision Center

Are you interested in fixing unsightly auto body damage beginning with a free estimate? If so, we have complimentary virtual and in-shop estimates available. Begin the free virtual estimate process by submitting your name and contact information to the Free Estimate portal; once submitted, you will receive further details about how to submit damage photos for review. You can also call to schedule an appointment.