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Fender Repairs

Come to Braman Collision Center in Miami, FL for Fender Repair

If your vehicle has been in a fender bender, Braman Collision Center is the place to go. We specialize in automotive repairs for luxury and exotic vehicles, and we have the skills needed to repair any fender damage. Find out more on this page, and visit Braman Collision Center, conveniently located in Miami, Florida.

Reasons To Choose Braman Collision Center for Fender Repair

  • Certified in Luxury and Exotic Brands: At Braman Collision Center, we specialize in luxury and exotic vehicles, including Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Cadillac, Genesis, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and more!
  • Competitive Pricing: We also offer special offers to help you save more in addition to our reasonable prices.
  • Factory-Approved Equipment: We use high-quality factory-approved equipment to ensure that your vehicle is treated with the care and skill it deserves.
  • Warranty: Since we stand behind the quality of our repairs, we offer a limited warranty on the work we perform.

Fenders vs. Bumpers

Due to the term “fender bender,” many people equate the fender to the bumper. However, the fender is a different part entirely. The fenders are your vehicles’ body panels located between the front bumper and the door, including the front wheel wells. As opposed to bumpers, which are made from plastic, the fender is a metal component. We also offer bumper repair at Braman Collision Center.

Fender Repairs

A dented fender makes it impossible for your vehicle to look its best, but that’s not the only reason you should have damaged fenders repaired. Your vehicle is precisely engineered to keep you and your passengers protected, and a compromised fender can leave you open to injury and even minor collisions. What’s more, a damaged fender may cause damage to your wheels or other vehicle components. At Braman Collision Center, we can assess the damage to your fenders and see what is needed to repair them. We may need to perform a simple paintless dent repair for minor damage, or we may need to perform more in-depth repair that requires paint.

Fender Repair in Miami

Schedule Fender Repair Service at Braman Collision Center in Miami, FL

When you’re ready to set up an estimate with us at Braman Collision Center, you can use our complimentary virtual estimate tool to get things started and then schedule an appointment online. Or, give us a call. Either way, we look forward to seeing you at Braman Collision Center.