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Bumper Repairs

Come to Braman Collision Center for Bumper Repair in Miami, FL

The bumpers are important parts of your vehicle, and they are one of the first to get damaged in a collision. When your vehicle has a bumper or two in need of repair, come to Braman Collision Center, your local auto body shop for luxury and exotic brands. Find out more about bumper repair service here, and then visit us at Braman Collision Center.

Bumper Repair Service in Miami

Why Is Bumper Repair Necessary?

Of course, you want your vehicle to look its best, and it’s hard for it to look good with a banged-up front or rear bumper. However, the reasons for bumper repair go far beyond aesthetics. In modern vehicles, the bumpers are precisely engineered to protect you and the rest of your vehicle in the event of a crash. Your bumpers are meant to absorb the shock of an impact, making them less safe after a crash. After all, when a bumper is dented, it will be less capable of absorbing the force of another impact. What would be a minor impact with an intact bumper may lead to injury and further vehicle damage with a dented bumper.

What’s more, many modern vehicles have driving assistance technology features incorporated into the bumper, making it even more imperative to have the bumper repaired promptly and properly. At Braman Collision Center, we have the tools and skills needed to repair all kinds of bumpers, from vintage vehicles to brand-new ones. If your bumper is beyond repair, we can also replace it.

Why Choose Braman Collision Center for Bumper Repair?

Braman Collision Center is a distinctive auto body shop. We are certified in luxury and exotic brands, so we know how your vehicle deserves to be treated. From Bentley to Cadillac, Bugatti to Rolls-Royce, we’ve worked on all kinds of luxury vehicles. We use factory-approved equipment, and our certified technicians are highly trained experts. We also take good care of our customers, offering collision repair specials, complimentary car washes, and even 24/7 in-house towing. We stand behind the quality of our work, which is why our service comes backed with a warranty.

Passanger Car Detail Package

Schedule Bumper Repair Service at Braman Collision Center in Miami, FL

At Braman Collision Center, we offer complimentary virtual estimates; it’s easy to start this process online! Of course, you can also give us a call to set up your estimated appointment. We look forward to helping you at Braman Collision Center.