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Certified Rolls-Royce Collision Repairs

Rolls-Royce Collision Repairs in Miami, FL

We sincerely hope that your Rolls-Royce motor car never gets into an accident. However, if it does, we are here for you. Braman Collision Center is the premier collision center for Rolls-Royce motor cars and other luxury vehicles in the state of Florida, and we are proud to provide top-quality collision service.

Common Rolls-Royce Collision Repair Services at Braman Collision Center

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If your Rolls-Royce motor car has a damaged bumper, it will lose some of its good looks. More importantly, it can compromise your safety since the bumper houses safety and collision-resistant features. We can repair or replace your bumper at Braman Collision Center.

Luxury Bumper Repair in Miami

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Whether your windshield has a small chip that can be repaired or requires total replacement, trust the experts and the quality replacement windshields at Braman Collision Center.


Many dents are minor, with no scratched paint. In most cases like these, we can repair your Rolls-Royce motor car’s dent with ease.

Free Collision Repair Estimates

Frame Straightening and Wheel Alignment

Collisions can knock your vehicle’s wheels out of alignment, and they can even bend your frame. Allow us to straighten and align your Rolls-Royce motor car at Braman Collision Center.

Passanger Car Detail Package

Storm Damage Repair

Here in Florida, we see a fair number of storms. If one of them has damaged your Rolls-Royce motor car, we can assess the damage and let you know how best to move forward.

Miami Body Repair Estimate

Dent Repair

If a dent is located near the edge of a body panel or door, or if there is an accompanying scratch, we will need to perform a more involved dent removal service that involves painting part of your vehicle. We have genuine Rolls-Royce paint at Braman Collision Center so that you can be assured of a perfect match.

Why Choose Braman Collision Center for Rolls-Royce Collision Repairs?

Braman Collision Center is authorized to perform repairs on your Rolls-Royce. This means that we have certified technicians, factory-approved equipment, and OEM replacement parts. Of course, that’s just the start of what we offer at Braman Collision Center. With services like 24/7 in-house towing, and complimentary car washes and repair touch-ups, Braman Collision Center offers remarkable value to Rolls-Royce drivers in Miami and beyond.

Rolls Royce Service

Schedule Your Rolls-Royce Collision Repair Appointment at Braman Collision Center

When your Rolls-Royce motor car needs an estimate, you can schedule online or give us a call. Then, come to Braman Collision Center to see why Rolls-Royce drivers in Flordia choose us for collision repairs.