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What to do next checklist

If you're in an Accident

What Should You Do if You Are In an Accident? Find Out With This Checklist from Braman Collision Center in Miami, FL

At Braman Collision Center, we hope that you will never be in a car crash. But if you are, it’s best to know beforehand what you should do in response. We want to help, so we have provided this checklist for what to do after a crash.

Five Steps To Take After a Car Crash:

1. Check for Injuries

Before taking any other steps, you should make sure that everyone is uninjured. If anyone is hurt, call for medical help immediately.

2. Move Vehicles and Call the Authorities

If your vehicle can be moved, it's best to move it to the side of the road. You can then set up flares or emergency triangles if it's safe to do so. Once this is complete, call the police. They will either send an officer to meet you at the scene or tell you that you can file a police report at a later time.

3. Document the Accident:

The next step is to document the accident. If the police are sending an officer to the scene, you can do this documentation while you wait. If no officer is coming, you should take extra care to document everything. Take pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident, and make sure to take the pictures from multiple angles. You should also get detailed photos of visible damage. In addition to photographing the scene, you should write down the location where the accident happened, details about the vehicles (including make, model, and license plate numbers), and the day and time it happened. Talk to the other drivers to get their contact information and insurance information, as well as their driver's license number and VIN. Avoid small talk, and do not apologize.

4. Think About Filing an Insurance Claim

If the damage to your vehicle is enough that repairing it would be more expensive than your deductible, you should file an insurance claim. If the vehicle seems to have only minor damage, you may want to consider paying out of pocket.

Schedule an Estimate at Braman Collision Center in Miami, FL

This is the final step. If your vehicle has been in an accident, we make it easy for you to schedule an estimate with us. You can either get a complimentary virtual estimate or bring your vehicle in. We look forward to helping you get everything back the way it should be.

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